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Please Contact Us for Resume Sourcing Pricing and a Demo Login to our Sourcing Dashboard. An Account Manager will be happy to send you Login and Pricing ASAP.  Clients save an average of 75% compared to traditional 3rd party recruiting, and clients own all data.

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Save Time and Lower Costs
Focus on Interviews and Hiring!
Comprehensive Resume Sourcing and Recruitment Marketing Solution
Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn Recruiter, and many more!
Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Candidate Network BETA

We will send you Resume Sourcing Pricing and Data Sheets, as well as Logins for our online DEMO Dashboard and Candidate Sourcing Network

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Quick Contact

Why Work With Us?

We are passionate about helping both employers and candidates find the best match. The SourceCandidates team has a strong work ethic and a respect for people, which allows us to be proud of the connections made

Resume Sourcing

Using all major and industry specific resume platforms, our team will perform the resume sourcing process needed to create a large and diverse candidate pool.

Recruitment Marketing

Qualified candidates are contacted and made aware of the opportunity, questions are answered and selling points are marketed, creating direct applicants and referrals.

Collaborate & Hire

Employers can view and manage each candidate and the search on their Project Dashboard, adding tasks and notes as needed.

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Stemta Corporation

With a focus on STEM recruiting, Stemta Corporation has been a leader in Talent Acquisition since 1998.

SourceCandidates was formed in 2008 to provide lower cost Resume Sourcing Pricing and Recruitment Process Outsourcing services.