Resume Sourcing Services

Comprehensive Resume Sourcing from all major and industry specific platforms, including Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, Dice, Ziprecruiter, and more!

Recruitment Marketing

Roles and the employer brand are marketed directly to both Active and Passive candidates, including follow ups and questions answered, driving the application process

Resume Sourcing Tools

Recruiting is a team sport, and Clients can view and collaborate on specific candidates and entire project on the SourceCandidates Dashboard.

Resume Sourcing Services – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Save TimeLower CostsIncreased BandwidthFocus on Interviewing and Hiring

Resume Sourcing Services

SourceCandidates provides comprehensive resume sourcing services and recruitment marketing solutions, increasing the size and diversity of the candidate and applicant pool.

Employers can then increase internal bandwidth while focusing on interviewing and hiring the best employees

We perform the detailed and repetitive resume sourcing and recruitment marketing process so clients can focus on Interviews and Hiring!
We partner with resume platforms, and perform the detailed legwork for one low cost! Clients own all data! Cost per Hire normally 75% less than traditional 3rd party recruiting, with better results!
Our inclusive process focusing on qualifications reduces internal bias and vendor/bandwidth limitations, and creates a large diverse candidate pool.
Our platform allows internal hiring teams to view results and responses in real time. Employers can view resumes, profiles, responses, contact info, and add tasks needed for specific candidates or the entire project.
Active and Passive Candidates
Our comprehensive process uses all major and industry specific platforms to drive both active and passive candidates to apply. Resume and Lead platforms include Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter, Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, Salesforce, and many more!

USA Based Recruiters

Our recruiters have the experience needed to quickly create and implement the resume sourcing services needed to drive the application and referral process in a wide variety of positions and industries.

  • Software Developers, Infrastructure, Cloud, Full Stack

  • Electrical, Mechanical & Chemical Engineering …
  • Medical, Laboratory, Science, QA, Biology, Pharma…

  • Accounting, Finance, Data, Audit, Tax…
  • Sales, Account Managers, Series 7, 6, 66, 63…
  • Hospitality, Retail, Inventory, Management…
Resume Sourcing Services

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Save over 70% compared to traditional recruiting, with better results!

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