Resume Sourcing

Are you struggling to find qualified candidates for your organization? Let us help you with our comprehensive Resume Sourcing Services.

Our process includes a combination of proactive and passive candidate sourcing strategies, along with recruitment marketing, to identify the best candidates for your needs. Whether you’re looking for experienced professionals or fresh talent, our team can help you find the right fit for your organization.

In addition to our comprehensive sourcing strategies, we also offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to further streamline your hiring process. Our USA-based account managers work with you every step of the way, providing personalized support and guidance to ensure your recruitment needs are met.

We take pride in our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and strive to provide a diverse pool of candidates for your consideration. Our sourcing strategies are designed to attract and engage candidates from all backgrounds and experiences, ensuring that you have access to the best talent available.

Don’t let a lack of qualified candidates hold your organization back. Trust our Resume Sourcing Services to help you find the right talent to grow your business.

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Resume Sourcing Services 2024

Many active candidates will have a resume online but will not see a specific job post.  We use all major and profession specific career platforms to identify qualified candidates and market open positions directly.

Candidates can then research the role, company, location, and will either apply directly or respond with questions.  Our service includes responding to questions, which helps drive candidates to apply or refer a friend.

For important roles requiring specific skills, many of the best candidates can be found thru Passive recruiting, and our resume sourcing service identifies and markets open positions directly to working professionals. All are encouraged to ask questions, research employer, refer friends, and to apply directly.

Unlike traditional 3rd part recruiting, our resume sourcing process of full disclosure about the employer and direct application link provides the seamless process today’s candidates are seeking, and allows the role to ‘go viral’ among the target audience allowing for many referrals.

Diverse Candidate Pool

Our inclusive resume sourcing process focusing on qualifications reduces internal bias and vendor limitations, and creates a large diverse candidate pool.  Specific efforts are made to drive under-represented candidates to apply.  OFCCP documentation can be provided upon request.

Our comprehensive process uses all major and industry specific platforms, providing clients large savings on both time and costs.

Resume and Lead platforms include Indeed, LinkedIn Recruiter, Monster, Careerbuilder, Dice, Salesforce, and many more!


Recruiting and resume sourcing is a team sport, and our platform allows internal hiring teams to view results and responses in real time.  Employers can view resumes, profiles, responses, contact info, and more.  Also they can add tasks and comments needed for specific candidates or the entire project.

Our service and collaborative dashboard  allows clients a range of approaches depending on complexity of the search.

We have no limit on dashboard users, and both internal talent acquisition staff and hiring managers can collaborate on candidates and manage tasks needed.

Why Work With Us?

Each resume sourcing project is unique, and our process adapts as needed to match the employer’s internal process. The Account Manager will create a specific recruiting strategy and marketing templates. The employer can review and modify all communication to control their brand and the process.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Each resume sourcing project is led by a USA based Account Manager who directly supports the client, providing quality service and ensuring satisfaction while providing savings of over 75% vs traditional recruiting.

Proven Results

Our resume sourcing process and technology has shown to reduce cost per hire, shorten the search time, increase the size, diversity, and quality of the candidate pool, and improve hiring manager satisfaction. Backed by Stemta Corporation

Resume Sourcing Focus

Our Recruiters and Account Managers have the experience needed to quickly create and implement the resume sourcing process needed to drive the application and referral process in a wide variety of positions and industries.

Backed by Stemta Corporation with a focus on STEM recruiting, our recruiters have likely already performed the legwork needed to identify candidates for most in demand hiring needs, including Software Technology, Engineering, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Operations, Medical, Consulting, and more!